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"Best wedding and event band in Newport"

The Sound of Newport band after a successful event in Bristol

Song Lists

Here is a video of the band performing at Camille's just before the pandemic hit.  It is not a staged and edited video but a raw performance that catches us doing what we do best, entertaining a crowd with authentic dance music. 

The Sound of Newport,, formerly the Mac Chrupcala Orchestra, is an internationally accomplished musical group offering the most distinctive live entertainment for special events. With performances from Boston to Bermuda, the band has proven its talents time after time.


Whether you are considering the Sound of Newport for an unforgettable dance party or a simple musical backdrop, the band’s strength is in its’ diversity. This is one of a very few musical groups that can still perform timeless society music and true jazz then turn the tide and excite the audience with the best of rock, disco and Motown classics. It’s so surprising to witness a real live band perform so many styles of music with such ease. Whatever music your event commands, the Sound of Newport can accommodate your taste.


You can depend upon the highest quality of service and performance beginning with your first contact. They will conduct the evening with attentiveness and a genuine style. Everyone will feel welcomed and comfortable and before you know it, the invitation to the dance floor will have been extended beyond generations. The band will provide your guests with the energy and sound to dance the whole night through. The level of fun will escalate and dancers and musicians will entertain each other until it’s time to go home.

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